When a husband decides

I do not know what experience you have, but sometimes it is really worth it, and I hold in my statement very much to the ground. But there are times when there is really nothing else left and you have to leave the decision to your beloved half. And whatever you're trying to talk him into, it's his domain. You just don't have the right, because you really don't understand. I will tell you something about one decision, even if in the finals…
The boundaries of the parcel must be clearly
This is my husband's motto, because he is very attached to his land. Which is all right. I wanted to create the boundaries of wood and metal. But what was my surprise when I came home like this once. Heavy machinery has just settled concrete fences. My obscurity went into a sedentary cry. I left. But when I got back, I found out how well it looked. They were decorative and maybe even better than my imagination. That's what I left for myself.