The quality of the roof windows is paramount

The roof windows of the Danish concern VKR holding A/S have been A recognized concept since the year 1941. In 60 years of its existence, the company operates in more than 40 countries and employs 16 000 employees. Now these windows came to the Czech market through the exclusive importer Import Tomeček s.r.o.

Roof windows

The Danish VKR holding A/S Group is a pan-European recognised company. In the Czech Republic, the TOSO® roof windows offer the best solution for your homes. Professionalism, stability, accountability and credibility are our priorities.

VKR holding A/S profile
The priorities of the Danish concern VKR holding A/S include many years of stability, scope in 5 production sectors and 40 countries, high employment, products of the highest quality, an exceptionally long warranty of 10 years. Now the roof windows of the TOSO® have got to the Czech market.