Our Impact

Our Impact

Funding from SAP Labs helped us to open a new home for 22 little boys in 2007. Now these children are able to move beyond their sad stories of abuse, poverty and abandonment to new hope for a better future.

Our achievements:

  • 1,000,000+ patients have received high-quality medical care in Cambodia.
  • The rapid development of The Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (SHCH) as a highly functioning training medical centre providing Cambodia with not only a role model to emulate but also a means of increasing its supply of desperately-needed skilled medical professionals. SHCH today is the most active adult hospital and the most sought after institution for medical education in Cambodia. Its alumni play a pivotal role in rebuilding the Cambodian medical system. SHCH also mentors key hospitals throughout the country.
  • Our work has been recognized as Best Practices in 20 countries for its outstanding impact and innovation in serving the poor, sick and suffering.


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