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HOPE worldwide is an international relief and development NGO with a mission to change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community-based services to the poor and needy.
In Jamaica, HOPE worldwide has provided free or low-cost medical care and health education to more than 300,000 Jamaicans from 1994 to 2010.
HOPE worldwide is establishing hope for the Caribbean by motivating and training volunteers to provide essential care and services to children/youth (in orphanages, in-school and out-of school). In addition to the medical, stimulation and literacy programs, HOPE worldwide participates in blood drives and community outreach programs. Whether working with children/youth, providing medical evaluation and medication, or creating a caring, instructional environment for stimulation and tutoring, HOPE worldwide is committed to delivering the tools necessary for individuals to achieve productive, fulfilling lives.

Our Programs

• Adolescent/Youth programs (In school & ‘Out of school’

Community/Parenting Mobilization
• Various Outreach programs (such as Children’s Homes projects)
• Medical care and health education (scale down significantly since Dec 2010, now mainly assist with health fairs and health education)

Current Adolescent/Youth imitative projects

• Adolescent/Youth projects HIV/AIDS Education program (Out-of-school Youth)
• Employability program (Out-of-school youth)
• Sexual safety imitative project (In-school youth peer education program)
• Parenting program (In-school youth parents & OSY parents)
• Mentoring program (Out-of-school Youth )

Inner city communities are diverse and consisted of young people from various backgrounds. This group is particularly vulnerable due to “dropping out” of high schools due to teenage pregnancy, disciplinary problems and/or economic factors. This has contributed to the target population being among Jamaica’s 10.1% unemployment rate and the reduction of their educational capacity to access job positions.
There is an urgent need for adolescents to be better informed and for the information to be presented in a format that they can understand and relate to. Young people who do not attend school or have dropped out of school usually lose many of the fundamentals of basic education that is reading and writing skills. They also lose the opportunity to learn about reproductive health issues, including HIV/AIDS in a stable and credible environment. These young people are more vulnerable to receiving misinformation from unreliable sources or may never learn about the issue at all.

The program areas for youth projects include:

• Reproductive Health & scaling up of HIV/AIDS prevention (through the Ministry of Health).
• Life skills training
• Vocational/Educational skills training (including literacy program)
• Employability program (skills training and apprenticeship)
• Mentorship program
• Community outreach and Parenting

HOPE worldwide Jamaica also collaborates with other civil society groups such as The Possible Program (St Andrew Parish church), Holy Networks, Red Cross (peer education). Other collaborators includes the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the Kingston Church of Christ.

We have been beneficiaries of local and international grants provided by funding agencies such as the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF), the Global Fund, Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, Chase Funds, Women League Initiative and Jamaica Social Investment funds (JSIF). Our main office is located at 7 Oxford Park Avenue, Kingston 5.

Accomplishments 2010 – October 2012 (youth programs)Out-of-school youth (OSY)Our programme is reaching over 250 OSY youths, within 8 inner-city communities (plus collaboration with an At-risk/OSY boy’s programme) over the past two years.

The youth are benefiting from training through collaborative efforts between stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health (Global Fund & USAID), Jamaica Social Investment Fund/Possibility Programme, The Vineyard Town Methodist Church, The Vouch Clinic, National Council on Drug Abuse, the Bob Marley Foundation, Parents for Change, Jamaica Red Cross, Rise Life Management and the Holy Network.

The youths benefited from training in Life skill, Mentorship, Educational training (including Early Childhood Education, Backyard Gardening, Graphic Design, Food and Beverage Server, Ornamental Fishery and life skills among others). Some of these youths were also placed in apprenticeship training where some of them were offered permanent employment. In addition to that, the youths were paired with mentors who have built and continue to maintain a relationship with them on their journey to achieving their career goals.

Mentoring /Parenting program
The Parenting support group/club and the Mentoring club provide capacity building and training for youth and community members. We have reached/trained over 80 parents in the inner city and 60 Mentors for the period, plus having over 60 mentees/youth in/passed through the mentoring program over the period.

In-school program
Currently were are reaching In-school youth in 4 schools through our Sexual Safety program (Healthy lifestyle) sponsored by UWI Health centre

The program is three-fold
• Multi-media life skills Intervention:
• Implement Multi-media life skills intervention program reaching 2000 students
• Prepare and submit Risk Profile Report to school (based on Multi-media life skills pre test results)

• ALERT Club Life Skills Intervention for approximately 100 students
• Form ‘Alert’ club in 4 schools and conduct training in life skills

• Parenting Life Skills Intervention for approximately 60 parents
• Form Parent Support group in 4 schools (one to finalize) and conduct training in life skills

Our organization also has several out-reach program in various children homes with over 690 volunteers.


7, Oxford Park Ave, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Phone No. 876-754-4446

Email hopeja@gmail.com